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Start of 2014/2015 Season
Oliver - 10 Sep, 14

Welcome to a new year! If you are interested in playing this year, please fill out the form below to receive an email with further information. Everyone is welcome to come to our first practice on Friday, September 12th at 5pm on Turf Field #3.

If you want to know more, stop by our table at Clubs Days, 10-4pm today and tomorrow in the SUB or like our page on Facebook.

Hope to see everyone out!

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UVic Vikes Spring Season Recap
Oliver - 31 Mar, 14

PART 3: PLU BBQ (Tacoma, Wa. - March 15/16)

In the middle of March, the UVic Vikes traveled down to Tacoma to partake in Pacific Lutheran University's annual tournament. This would be their final tournament of the regular season against some quality regional competition, and Victoria came in looking to make a statement ranked 3rd overall.

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny, and 9am saw the Vikes taking on their old foe Gonzaga on the PLU turf. Victoria came out flying in this one and never looked back, rolling their full roster to a 13-4 win. Next up was Central Washington University. The Vikes came out slower in this one, but buoyed by Jonathan Dododza's gigantic layout D, they rode a 6-0 second half to a 13-4 victory.

After a bye, they faced the second seed in their pool, the host team PLU Reign. This game was tighter than the earlier ones; perhaps not fully warmed up, Victoria let off a break on the first point and went into half down 7-5. However, Victoria came into full form in the second half. Their zone defence gave PLU trouble, and they were able to punch in their opportunities. After going on a run of breaks, hard cap sounded with Victoria up 10-8. Rookie Ben Burelle ended the game in incredible fashion with a layout Callahan, putting the finishing touches on a 3-0 day.

Sunday morning dawned as rainy as Saturday was sunny, and the luck of the draw had UVic moving to grass fields. They faced Seattle Throbot in a morning quarterfinal game, on a field that became more mud than grass as the game went on. In a rather strange game, both teams got most of their breaks in the first half and almost none in the second. Rookies Alex Neiman and David Whitney-Brown made their presence felt scoring goals, as the Vikes went on to win 13-10 in a game that was perhaps closer than it should have been.

Regardless, UVic moved on to the semis, and thankfully back onto turf. Here they faced a familiar regional rival, Western Washington. UVic stepped up to the challenge came out strong, getting an early break. Some questionable calls led to some fiery exchanges and long points, but UVic battled through to take a 7-6 lead into half. Again, they continued their second-half dominance, using their zone to generate turns and convert. WWU couldn't stand up to the intensity, as UVic closed out the game 13-9.

Without any rest, UVic faced the #1 D-III team in the country, the University of Puget Sound. Fired up from their semi-final win, UVic carried the energy over into this one and UPS wasn't ready for them. With the whole roster fired up, the VIkes took half 7-3 and the game 13-6 with a result that was never in question.

The tournament win is the program's first in over five years, and is an excellent sign for the upcoming spring series of US sectionals and nationals. With their recent string of victories, UVic is rebounding strongly after a slow start to the season and is peaking at the right time. Their end goal is to take the Northwest's bid to US Nationals, so stay tuned as we haven't yet seen this team's full potential.

UVic Vikes Spring Season Recap
Oliver - 24 Mar, 14

PART 2: DOUGLAS BOWL (Vancouver, BC - March 8th)

On the first weekend in March, the second annual Douglas bowl was held at UBC in Vancouver. Started by former Victoria players Kevin Underhill and Graeme Barber in 2013, the Douglas Bowl is a showcase between British Columbia's two elite college teams, UVic and UBC. UVic hosted the inaugural Douglas bowl last year; this meant it was UBC's turn to host, and the Vikes rolled into Vancouver at the start of the weekend looking to defend their title.

Saturday morning dawned in Vancouver cold, windy and extremely wet, the exact opposite of the conditions last year. In classic Vancouver fashion, the rain did not let up as the day went on but if anything came down harder. Despite this, the sidelines of University Hill's turf field were lined with umbrellas as once again the ultimate community showed their support for the showcase.

With the point cap set at 13 and the hard cap at 85 minutes, UVic started on O on the upwind side of a 30km/h wind. Both teams traded downwind O points to start the game: UBC ran clean plays through Keane Knapp and Kevin 'Mugs' Greer, with UVic's man D not giving them very much trouble. Meanwhile, the Vikes offence looked shaky at times, but was carried by the steady handling of Malcolm Bryson and Nick Wright to 4-4. There, the UBC defence made its presence felt. Highlighted by a few huge grabs from Fred Lam, UBC scored three straight points, including two upwind breaks, to take half 7-4.

Although being down at halftime, UVic's confidence was riding high, as they felt they hadn't played their best ultimate yet. Buoyed by coach Kevin Underhill's halftime speech, UVic's D-line, led by Pascal Begin-Nose and Dave Neilson, fired off two breaks right after half. In an attempt to stop UVic's run, UBC's Peter Yu had an absolutely dominant upwind O point where he threw a backhand huck to to the goal line, ran upfield to get the swing, and then threw a ridiculous inside backhand for a goal. Score: 8-6. However, UVic's momentum could not be stopped. They converted on the downwind O point and then proceeded to fire off two more breaks, with a couple of huge D's from Luke Charlesworth. With time running down, UVic pulled from the upwind side, score tied 8-8. UVic kept UBC's offence pinned in their half of the field and generated numerous turns, but were unable to convert. During this, hard cap sounded. Finally, UVic generated yet another turn and worked the disc to the goal line, where Colin Featherston found Oliver Telfer for the game winner. Final score: 9-8 UVic.

UVic would like to thank UBC for hosting this year's Douglas Bowl. While the weather was not ideal, the competition between these two teams was as fierce as ever, and the Vikes are looking forward to hosting the Douglas Bowl again next year.

View photos from the event, courtesy of Jeff Bell and Ultiphotos, here:

Also check out the highlight video, courtesy of NKolakovic, here:

UVic Vikes Spring Season Recap
Oliver - 18 Mar, 14


PRESIDENT'S DAY INVITE (San Diego, Ca - February 15-17)

Earlier in the semester during reading break, the newly rebranded UVic Vikes (formerly UVictim) boarded McCullough Coach's Pegasus for the 24+ hour ride down to San Diego, California. The beautiful California weather welcomed the boys to the prestigious President's Day Invitational, and 8am Saturday morning saw them warming up on UCSD's beachfront campus.

Their first game on Saturday saw the Vikes facing off against a familiar Californian rival, California-Berkeley. Both teams looked sharp as the O-lines traded points; however, Cal got a break at the end of the first half to take half 7-5. They got another after half; UVic called a quick timeout to regroup and came out firing. The Vikes went on a run of their own to force universe point on D, 10-10; however, Cal's O-line converted to earn them the 11-10 victory.

Next up was Northern Arizona, who had won the qualifier. An athletic and tall team, they were quick to pull the trigger on hucks and came down with many of them. Despite this, UVic's O-line held strong and the Vikes took half 7-6. In the second half, the game opened up a bit and both teams traded breaks. However with the Vikes up 11-10, Northern Arizona got a crucial break to tie the game up at 11-11 as the hard cap sounded. UVic wasn't able to convert, and Northern Arizona won the game on universe, 12-11.

The Vikes had no time to recover from these losses, as a perennially strong team and Nationals participant, UC Davis, was up next. UVic stepped up and came out firing on all cylinders as the two teams traded points and felt each other out at the start of the game. They came into half even on breaks, 7-6 UC Davis. Each team traded breaks in the second half, and as the game drew to a close UVic faced a crucial D point as hard cap sounded, down 9-10. They got the turn and marched it up the field, but turned it over on the endzone line. UC Davis came down and scored to end the game, a 11-9 loss for UVic.

For their final game of the day, UVic faced the #2 ranked team in the country, Colorado Mamabird. With no byes, and captains Nick Wright, Oliver Telfer, and Luke Charlesworth injured earlier in the day, UVic faced seemingly insurmountable odds. Despite this, an top-to-bottom effort from the whole roster kept pace with the Colorado machine, trading to a 7-6 Colorado lead at half. In the second half, the fatigue unfortunately caught up with UVic and Colorado closed out the game, 13-6.

Despite a heartbreaking first day, losing their first three games by a combined four points, UVic came out on Day 2 determined and focused. Their first game on Sunday saw the Vikes facing the UCLA Smaug. The O-line came out clean and efficient, and the D-line punched in a break before half as UVic took it, 7-5. Despite another couple breaks in the second half, UCLA went on a run of their own to force yet another universe point, 11-11. After a couple of turns, UVic finally converted to win, 12-11.

Next up was Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo (SLO-Core). In a fight to play on Monday, UVic came out firing once more. However, a crucial missed break opportunity led to UVic taking half only 7-6. In the second half, SLO-core went on a run that UVic couldn't match. Final score: 13-9. SLO-Core went on to beat UCLA, leaving UVic on the wrong end of a three-way tie for the ninals bracket. They played Vermont in a hastily-scheduled match for 15th on Monday morning, but distributed playing time led to UVic falling just short, 13-11.

After an obviously disappointing tournament, UVic is left to wonder what might have been. Suffering four losses by a combined five points is heartbreaking, but UVic showed flashes of excellence competing with some of the best teams in the Southwest. Unfortunately, they could not put a complete game together.

This tournament allowed UVic's rookies to really show what they can do. With impressive performances from rookies and youngsters Trevor Knetchel, Dave Neilson, Malcolm Bryson and Ben Burelle, the future of the program is in good hands. Despite the disappointing tournament result, the potential for this team is sky-high and fans should be excited to see what they do next!

UVixens 2013/2014 Rosters Anno
Danie - 22 Nov, 13

After placing an amazing 2nd and 3rd at Sundodger with the first ever split squad in team history, the Vixens had some tough, but necessary decisions to make. The talent on this team is unprecedented but the amount of players was sadly too high to have everyone practice together. We have split into two teams: one as our competitive traveling roster and another as our competitive practicing roster. The traveling roster will compete in many tournaments in the spring and is looking to make a run for USAU Nationals. The practicing roster will also enter into tournaments and is looking to make a splash at college championships as well. We are very proud of everyone who stepped up at tryouts and are excited to see what both teams can do in the spring! Train hard foxes!
The Leadership Committee would like to proudly announce the 2013/2014 competitive traveling roster:

A Team:

Allie “is not” Short
Corinne “Go-Go-Gadget” Dunwoody
Danie Proby
Ellen “No-Off-Switch” Wilkins
Jen “Brown-Town” Brown
Jessie “Knees-are-overrated” Bell
Jillian “Jiggles” O’Quinn
Jo “Jo-Jo-Mo-Jo” Stratton
Kate “Average” Scarth
Katie “Low-Release-Lefty” Hikida
Kira “Beukes” Beukeboom
Lexi “Lexicon” Omand
Lillian “Lil-Pill” Pham
Mairin “The Grizz” Berezan
Maria “Only-Running” Walker
Mary “Ski-Bunny” Cameron
Monica “Tron” Whitney-Brown
Naomi “Naomes” Redmond
Natasha “Wongers” Wong
Nicola “Dic-Dic” Parker
Paige “Old-Hag” Quinn
Patty “What’s-Water-Polo” Massel
Tasha “The Masta” Cameron

Competitive Practicing Roster:

Adrienne “AMPed” McRae-Pharo
Alicia “Prancer” Fall
Amber Masniuk
Blair Zuo
Colleen “Loves-Duty-Free” Fuhrman
Emilia “TV-Star” Becker
Emily “Hands-are-Overrated” Garner
Hannah “On-Ice” Coates
Jo “Bodies-are-Overrated” James
Julie “Jules” Munich
Kaila “ Borrelli
Katie “Slims” Simons-Lane
Kelsey “Kels” Regan
Lucy Kryachok
Maya “Mc-Speedy” Munzar
Rosie Sheppard
Sanya “Muncher” Muncherji
Shawna Matheson
Sara “SLax” Lax
Sarah Von der Weid

Can’t wait! <3

UVictim Sundodger 2013
Oliver - 10 Nov, 13

On Friday November 8th the boys rolled down to Burlington fully prepared for Sundodger's customary rain, wind, sleet, and possibly snow and therefore were surprised to find it not raining or windy on Saturday morning. Not letting this faze them, they proceeded to battle familiar Northwest competition at Skagit River Park.

Saturday morning's first game saw UVictim take on Gonzaga-Y. UVic rolled even lines throughout the tournament and brought intensity and drive from top to bottom. They started off strong in this one and never took their foot off the gas pedal. Twin towers Patrick Salembier and Jonathan Dododza owned the skies, as UVic won 13-2.

Next up was Western Washington-X. UVic kept the momentum from their last game rolling into this one and never looked back. Rookies Trevor "Checkers" Knetchel, Jon "Jonwatkins" Watkins, and David "DW" Whitney Brown showed veteran poise controlling the tempo on offense, and UVic went on to win 13-5.

The next, and last, game of the day saw a pre-quarters matchup between UVic and Seattle Fryz. UVic quickly went up 3-0, possibly due to Luke Charlesworth's intimidating defense, but the high school kids battled back leading to UVic taking half 7-5. In their first close game, UVic stepped it up and made some big plays. Nick Wright and Lucas Main made some huge plays on defense while Charlesworth sent up pulls that Fryz couldn't handle. Pascal Begin-Nose and Oliver Telfer had a couple big layouts on the offensive end to keep UVic ahead, and Ben "Ragnor Lothbroke" Stone finished it off with a ridiculous play succession of goal - D - goal. Game, UVic 13-9.

After a first-round bye on Sunday morning, UVic faced a familiar opponent as they took on UBC in the quarterfinals. UVic jumped out to a quick start, highlighted by a couple of big skies from Knetchel and Sam "Slam" Merritt, to force UBC to call timeout at 5-2. Despite Colin Featherston's plethora of layout D's, UBC battled back to take half 7-6. UVic kept grinding in the second half, buoyed by a couple of big grabs from Dave Neilson and a dirty handblock from Alex "Jailbait" Neiman, but it was not to be. A couple of mental mistakes were to be their undoing but they battled until the finish, a 13-9 UBC victory.

UVic then faced the University of Puget Sound-Y in the fifth place bracket. The lines continued to roll evenly and the whole roster was contributing. Colin "C4" Crawford put up some big hucks while Josh Manning picked up some greasy unders in the lanes. Colin Scarffe continued to add to his absolutely disgusting goals total, highlighted by a D point where after UVic had got the turn, Scarffe beat the other 13 players down the field by 50 yards and caught the disc uncontested in the end zone. While the score was close, the outcome of this game was never in doubt as UVic closed out UPS 13-10 to advance to the fifth-place game.

UVic faced another familiar opponent, the Whitman Sweets, in their last, and best, game of the day. Again UVic jumped out to a hot start, going up 4-1. Tom " T.C. F.G. N.H." Rowe got open at will on offence and Nick Smith skied two defenders to keep UVic rolling. Ben "White Pascal" Burelle put up a big huck to Telfer in the endzone to break for half, 7-5. With the intensity high, UVic came out of half firing on all cylinders. Wright ripped numerous full field hucks for goals as UVic notched up a couple more breaks. Featherston capped off the game with a half-field hammer for the score. Final: 13-9.

Final placing: 5th out of 26 teams. The hard work being put in is leading to improvements across the board, and UVic is excited to continue this growth and shred some more US competition in the spring season.

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